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PMP Exam Online From Home Experience: Is There Any Advantage Doing It Remotely?

The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) PMP Certification can also be done online. This is a relatively recent change to the program, which came into effect during the height of COVID. Unable to host students in person, the PMI worked with the myriad of institutions that administer the exam to facilitate it online. PMP Exam Online […]

Project Management Certification Online Canada: 3 Suitable Certifications To Earn More In Months

Does this sound like you? Project Management Certification Online Canada: What’s Out There? I’m running this blog for people like you. While I don’t fully believe any of us are in control of our futures, being more proactive is better than ruminating and taking what comes. You’re here to supercharge your project management career and […]

Which is the Best PMP Certification? [Updated for 2023]

You’re at a crossroads in your career. Keep doing what your doing, maybe climb the ladder at your current company, get nominal pay bumps that are eaten away immediately by inflation and the crazy cost of living. Or… Take your career into your own hands and command a higher salary with an industry leading certification, […]

PMP Certification Online Boot Camp: 5 Different Options and Price Points

Have you left getting PMP certified a bit late? Are you cutting it close to renewing but haven’t had the time to study? Are you having difficulties accessing in-person study venues because of COVID-19, or simply for the fact that venues have closed down, or are too far from where you are? That’s where having […]