PMP Certification 35 Hours Online Training: How To Get Those 35 PDUs This Week

pmp certification online 35 hours training
PMP certification online 35 hours training – 3 Options Below You Could Do This Week

That email from PMI came through. Your eyes widened, your pulse quickened and your stomach dropped. Crap! Is it already time to renew my PMP? Ever since you became a registered Project Management Professional, life’s been pretty good. You got that raise you wanted, that fancy new title – or both. You’ve been getting funner projects to work on. Maybe you’ve finally added that marquee company to your resume that makes recruiters and HR sit up and pay attention.

But like all good things, it has to come to an end… or does it? Not quite, not with the PMP. You can keep it renewed, but there are two components to take care of.

How To Get Hours For PMP Certification

This is a screenshot from the PMI video on renewing your PMP

As this screenshot above tells you, there are essentially two components of getting the PMP:

  • 35 PDUs for learning, and
  • 25 PDUs for giving back to the profession, where you 25 is the max.

Note that a PDU is 1 hour long. You might have taken up mentorship roles, committee positions, etc for giving back to the profession but you’ve been a bit slack on the education part. Never fear! There are inexpensive ways to keep up to date and best of all, the methods I’ll share are on-demand so you don’t have to worry about going to classes at a specific time, etc.

1 – Udemy PMP 35 Contact Hours – Khaled Abu Khadra

The link to this Udemy course is here

Udemy contains a wealth of resources to help people in virtually every professional field get ahead. The PMP Certification online is no exception. While there are several courses on different areas of the PMP, including but not limited formulae, theory and practical exams, this was on of the only ones I could find where it gave the minimum 35 PDUs as taught by a qualified instructor.

The cost at around $20 USD is virtually free as well. Consume at your own pace and you will satisfy this criteria easily.

2 – Master of Project PMP 35 PDUs

Visit the Master of Project PMP Website here

Moving up slightly in price is the option from Master of Project. This is an academy that boasts a close to 100% pass rate. Not only do they have the 35 hour PDU requirement, they also have options to have an online class with an instructor, as well as doing the material on demand.

The way that Master of Project works is through a subscription model, so potentially you could pay the $99/month for a single month, finish off the PMP preparation then cancel your subscription. But there’s a good chance you might find other courses that are helpful to your career.

3 – ProXalt PMP 35 PDUs

Visit ProXalt here

ProXalt isn’t as well known as the other two, but it’s perhaps another option to consider. It’s an in-between of Udemy and Master of Project. At $99 for 60 days access, it covers the required 35 hours to gain the PDUs and satisfy PMI’s requirements. It seems to have better support for the United States and India, so if you’re visiting this site from either of those two countries, this might be a better option for you.

Hopefully these options have given you some peace of mind. You will be able to get those 35 PDUs without having to fork out thousands or even hundreds of dollars. Remember: it’s all about the Return on Investment. It has already paid off for you and will continue paying off.

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