PMP Certification Course Singapore: Where Can I Get Certified?

PMP Certification Course Singapore
PMP Certification Course Singapore: Let’s Look at What’s Available for you

It’s widely known that the PMP Certification online is an option for those trying to get ahead in their project management career in North America and Europe. In terms of further south in Australia, PRINCE2 is the standard there. But what about places geographically placed in between, such as Singapore?

This special location is widely agreed as one of the commerce hubs not just of South East Asia, but Asia in general, especially as Hong Kong has lost its clout over the decades. There isn’t a hard and fast rule here, as it really depends on the companies you’re working at. If you’re looking to work with Fortune 500 companies with a strong presence in USA, you should stick with the PMP to turbocharge your project management career.

How to get PMP Certification in Singapore

Because it’s not a huge country and doesn’t have as big a market as say USA, Canada, Europe or India for PMP holders, it’s a bit harder to get certified. Fear not! That’s why I’ve written this blog post. I’ve scoured what’s available online to help you in your career. Let’s have a look at three options that I’ve managed to find.


Check out NTUC here

NTUC is one of, if not the most well known and trusted further education providers in Singapore. They have consistently graduated hundreds if not thousands of PMPs every year like clockwork. They’re also registered with PMI, the body that grants PMPs every year, so you know you’re working with an official partner.

The course is delivered through Zoom, so you can study remotely, as well as do the exam remotely as well. It’s a 40-hour course, designed to be done over the course of a week, so if you’re working full-time, you do have to speak with your employer about getting this week off to focus.

Check out the link to the page above for all the details, they have the most up-to-date intake dates as well, including the cost for PMI and non-PMI members.

2 – iKompass PMP Certification Training

iKompass website here

iKompass is another well-known education provider for the Project Management Professional in Singapore. With the numbers you can see on their website, they’re quite well respected and have helped a lot of people succeed in their project management careers.

The nice thing about iKompass is that it offers options in both virtual and in-person. The bad news is that the in-person options are a lot fewer than virtual. It’s also somewhat more intensive than the NTUC, as they fit the entire curriculum in 4 days as opposed to 5. It’s quite clear in that it says that 3 years work experience is a prerequisite before you can even apply, so it’s only for seasoned professionals instead of those just joining the workforce.

3 – KnowledgeHut

Visit KnowledgeHut here

KnowledgeHut is well known globally and also has offices in Singapore. As it’s part of a much larger body that administers professional training all around the world, its process of standardization to make sure the education is suited to each country is also top-tier. Rest assured, if you feel that they’re not comparable to the prior two options I’ve mentioned, you need not worry.

They deliver the education via live, online classroom. So you are based on your own computer, but it’s not on-demand 24/7. You have to be available at a specific time to learn and study. What’s more, doing it through KnowledgeHut gives you six (6) mock exams to get a taste of the real thing. That in itself is priceless. The cost is SGD $1,599, which is a bit hefty, but well worth it for the significant preparation opportunities for the exam you get.

Hope one of these three options is suitable for you. If you’ve personally done the PMP certification at a different provider in Singapore and want to sing their praises, let me know and I’ll be happy to update this blog. To everyone else, good luck! 💪🏽

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