PMP Certification Online Free Test: 5 of the Best Websites I Could Find

pmp certification online free test
5 PMP certification online free tests below for you

You’ve pulled the trigger and have decided to do the PMP Certification online, or maybe you’re doing it on-site, it doesn’t really matter. While the experience is slightly different, the questions you will get should be pulled from a pool of randomly generated questions, not designed to give anyone an advantage.

In this case, you weren’t able to get your organization to sponsor your education and it’s out of your own pocket. It’s the most money you’ve spent and you’re determined to pass and make back an ROI with a strong raise, promotion or both. What’s next? You’ve got to do mock tests. The more you do, the more confident you’ll become and the more you’ll start seeing patterns of how the exam questions might be like.

5 PMP Certification Online Free Tests Below

I’ve scoured the web and found free resources for you. Some of them are free tests, others are exam simulators, others are answers to questions. Whatever the case, they are designed to give you a taste of what to expect.

1 –

The name of the website gives it away!

A kind person has put together a bunch of old PMP practice exams. I’m not sure of their age or legitimacy, but as a free resource, it’s a great way to see what’s out there, especially as you don’t have to pay for it.

2 – Simplilearn PMP Mock Exam Review

Simplilearn’s mock exam

Simplilearn is one of the more well-known online education resources available. Many of their resources are free. The only thing they would like in return is an email address, probably to market to you and see if you’d be open to upgrading to one of their paid resources. While there’s nothing wrong with upgrading, if you’re looking for free stuff, you can’t go wrong with what they have.

3 – PMI Authorized Practice PMP Exam

Sometimes, going with the official stuff is best

Look, as many resources there are out there, I had to mention that PMI has official practice exams. Yes, it’s $99 USD, which might be out of your budget, but I’d be doing you a disservice not mentioning it. It’s too easy to scrape a whole bunch of PMP exam questions and claim that they’re the most up-to-date version. Standards upgrade all the time and sometimes, it’s worth paying the premium for the peace of mind that what you’re learning is what the institute who’s giving you the certification is saying is most correct.

4 – Brain Sensei PMP Exam Simulator

Check out BrainSensei here

I know, I know, “what gives? This isn’t free at all!” Yes it says that it’s $120 USD, but there is also a free trial available. Again, BrainSensei came highly recommended and I wanted to make sure that you were aware of the best options in the marketplace. There is a balance in having completely free and some paid resources. Try their free stuff – it’s updated for this year and last – and decide for yourself if it’s worth the investment.

5 – Project Management PrepCast

Oh shit, it’s starting already?

I’ve said the best til last Project Management PrepCast is a true to word exam simulator. The moment you land on the site, it’s go time. There’s a counter ticking down from 1.2 minutes. If you don’t answer it, you go to the next one. So you’d better be ready. This last one’s almost too good to be true as a free resource, but you asked for it and I’m providing it. You’re welcome!

Are these five resources useful? Let me know if there are any other ones that have worked for you that I’ve missed and I’ll update the blog.

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