Project Management Certification Online Boston: Let’s Help Bostonites Level Up!

project management certification online boston
project management certification online Boston – what’s out there?

Boston, Massachusetts. A city that consistently takes on the guys at the bigger end of town. Did you know they also rank pretty much at the top for businesses that are environmentally sustainable and are magnets of new investment? There’s a lot to be proud of growing up and working in this city. You don’t necessarily want to move to the Big Apple, but you do want to be worth more in the eyes of the boss, don’t you?

Project Management Certifications Online in Boston – What’s Available?

That’s why you’re looking up what project management certifications are available online. You’re busy, you want to study but you still want to play hard. Online’s the way to go, especially in this day and age. I’ve gone online and looked at some of the best options. Let’s get into them right now.

1 – PMP Certification online (Boston)

Link here

Just like Dominos is to pizza, the PMP Certification is to project management certifications. In fact, it’s widely recognized as the main cerfication employers look for when assessing project managers. It doesn’t just demonstrate knowledge in the area, it can only be done once you’ve done the hard yards, i.e. it’s not a certification you can just buy.

Cost: through Project Management Academy, it’s a shade under $2K USD.

2 – Online Project Management Graduate Certificate

link to Boston University’s page

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you’re a full blooded Bostonite, then there’s a high chance that your alma mater would have been Boston University. Perhaps you did a course in a different area but then as life would have it, you fell into project management – and you’re damn good at it. It could be time to go back to those hallowed walls, this time, to pick up a project management graduate certificate. It takes approximately 9 months to complete and here’s what you’ll be able to do after you complete it:

More importantly, it states that it’s good preparation for the PMP Certification. So really, this certificate is like a warm up for the real thing. If you’re pretty new in your career, this could be a good choice.

3 – Practical Project Management Certification – UMass Boston

Link to UMass Boston

Coming in at third on the list is the University of Massachusetts, Boston Campus. It has a “Practical Project Management” certification, which, like the Online Project Management Certification and UBoston has strong theory paired with practical examples of best practice in the project management world. The estimated cost to complete this program is $1,200 USD if you do it online and $1015 USD doing it in-classroom/remote. Cheaper than doing the PMP Certification online to be sure.

Completion of this course also allows you to gain some credits that will enable you to do the PMP, which is a great way to show that you mean business in PM.

It very much seems that the universities defer to the professional institutions here and that what industry values are the certifications that the leading bodies offer. If you’re new in your project management career, consider the university certificates. If you’re later, go for the PMP Certification. It will pay off handsomely, I can assure you.

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