Project Management Certification Online Ivy League: 8 Of The Best

Project Management Certification Online Ivy League
Project Management Certification Online Ivy League: I’ve Covered All 8 Below

You’ve always been a high achiever in your career. Bosses and managers noticed the way you ran projects, gave you more and you delivered every, single time. The next step was project management. Your organization’s keen on keeping you, so they’re happy to pay for professional training, within reason of course.

You’ve been keeping an eye on what’s out there: you could do a PMP Certification online, but you’ve always wanted to have an Ivy League certification and I mean, why not? You’ve proven that you’ve got what it takes. I’m going to jump right into it, as there’s a lot to get through. Without further ado, here are the project management options at USA’s Ivy League schools.

1 – Harvard Project Management Course Online

Check out Harvard’s online Project Management course here

Might as well start at the top. When people here Ivy League, they think of Harvard. It’s known as one of the top universities not only in USA but in the world. Their university undergraduate courses are notoriously competitive and hard to get into. Their graduate certificates on the other hand are easier.

This option is a good primer into project management, costs $3,400 USD and you can do it remotely/from Zoom.

2 – Yale School of Management Online Courses

Check out Yale’s programs here.

Yale doesn’t seem to have many “entry level” type graduate certificates for those who want to get a grounding in project management. They have numerous, higher level programs, as well as their prestigious MBA programs available. If you’re interested in these, I’ve linked them here for you. If you are able to find a graduate program, let me know and I’ll link it here.

3 – Princeton University Project Management Certificate

Check out the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs here

Princeton didn’t have an out and out management school that I could find. The next closest thing was the School of Public and International Affairs. As an Ivy League school, it makes sense that such a prestigious school would be more involved at a global scale. The graduate options that are available are as follows:

4 – Wharton Certificate in Management

Check out Wharton Pennysylvania’s options here

I might have misspoke earlier when I mentioned that H

arvard was the top Ivy League university. People do often say that, but when it comes to project management courses, it’s actually the University of Pennysylvania’s Wharton School of Management which is best known for it’s project management graduates. They have by far the widest range of courses for all tastes, see what you like below. Many you can take online.

5 – Dartmouth Project Management Certificate

Visit the Tuck Business School to see what you might like

Dartmouth’s management school is the Tuck School of Business. While it’s not as well known as some of the “greater” Ivy League schools, it certainly shouldn’t be cast to the side. As you can see from the screenshot above, salaries of Tuck BS students are only surging. They also have an MBA, but what might be a better option is the Advanced Management Program, which is their closest thing to a project management certificate.

6 – Cornell Project Management Certificate

Check out Cornell’s PM certificate here

Cornell offers a “proper” project management certificate that won’t break the bank but will still get employers to sit up straighter when they see it on your resume. Similar to the Harvard option, Cornell’s is doable online, plus it gives you an option to pay off the course in monthly installments. Pragmatic, yet valuable.

7 – Columbia Project Management Certificate

Visit Columbia Business School’s website below

Columbia Business School also touts their MBA programs as their main offering here. They don’t seem to have a graduate certificate as such. If you’re more inclined to academia and seeing how you can give back to universities, this might be a good for you.

8 – Brown University Project Management Certificate

Check out Brown University’s management offerings here

Last but not least on the list, we have Brown University. As their specialty is not business as such, they don’t have a graduate certificate. What is unique to them however is the Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a post-graduate course that gives a very thorough walkthrough of what it takes to succeed as a business-minded professional in the STEM field. Curious? Check it out here.

Hopefully this article has shed some light on which Ivy League universities might be suitable for you. I’d encourage you to check each of them out, see what suits, then see if your employer is on the same page. Best of luck!

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