Which is the Best PMP Certification? [Updated for 2023]

You’re at a crossroads in your career. Keep doing what your doing, maybe climb the ladder at your current company, get nominal pay bumps that are eaten away immediately by inflation and the crazy cost of living.


Take your career into your own hands and command a higher salary with an industry leading certification, recognized by top firms and companies all around the world.

Red pill, or blue pill? I know what I’d rather pick.

The PMP Certification

The PMP Certification is what I’m referring to here. According to Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey – Twelfth Edition., PMP holders are paid on average 16% more than their non-accredited counterparts, with salaries nearly 33% higher in the United States.

This isn’t to mention the prestige of the roles that are available to PMP Certification holders. Not only do these people become senior project management consultants, they leave middle management and become VPs, directors, maybe even gracing the C-suite.

Which is the Best PMP Certification?

This leads us to the question, “which is the best PMP Certification?” To be clear, there is only one PMP Certification. What people are probably referring to here is which educational institute is associated with the most prestigious holders of the certificate?

Given that the landscape has changed so much, with not only training course work moved online, but the exams themselves (since COVID-19), I’ll provide a top three list that will apply to as many readers as possible. This blog will produce more region specific content over time, stay tuned!

#1 – PMI Institute

PMP Certification Online

You can’t go past the PMI Institute as the first choice option for getting the PMP Certification. It’s the creator of the program in the first place and has the most up-to-date content and guidelines that all the other education institutions abide by.

You can download both the PMP Exam Content Outline and the Certification Handbook in 17 different languages for free, just so you have a clearer idea of what’s entailed before doing the exam.

Member cost: $405 USD

Non-Member cost: $555 USD

#2 – Edureka

PMP Certification online in India

India is one of the largest geographies for PMP holders. As a result, there are a large number of providers. Some have been around longer than others and not all are equal, despite, what you might be led to believe.

Edureka has been around since mid-2011 and has more than a decade under its belt. Its vision is to become “the largest online learning ecosystem for continuing education, in partnership with corporates and academia.”

the largest online learning ecosystem for continuing education, in partnership with corporates and academia.

Edureka’s Vision

PMP Certification is one of several certifications that it offers, but it’s by no means diluted in its student experience. They have 1,000’s of testimonials from satisfied students.

PMP® Certification Exam fee with PMI® Membership – ₹23,459

PMP® Certification Exam fee without PMI® Membership – ₹42,863

#3 – StarAgile

PMP Certification Online in the USA

StarAgile is often mentioned as being the first-choice institution behind the PMI in the USA. It’s got an excellent track record of producing winning students, who graduate with the PMP Certification and then go on to have fulfilling careers, armed with industry-leading knowledge.

Live Virtual Training – $799 USD

These three providers are three of the best in the largest geographies of students in the world. There’s a high chance that you will be looked after if you can enroll in one of these three. I’d be keen to hear your experience as a current student of another provider, it will help to build out this blog so do reach out if you are. Good luck!

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